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Interview with Crista Orefice

Remember Zoltar, from the Tom Hanks movie “Big”? You gotta watch out for those crazy boardwalk games, they will flat mess with your life. Wanna know how Crista Orefice, 37-year-old board-certified music therapist and a singer/songwriter from New Jersey got her start in amateur boxing? Wait. I’ll let her tell it. Ummmm, boardwalk games and boxing, Crista? […]

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Mom and Canaan

Are You A Feminist?

I was recently interviewed by Marie Hardin from Penn State’s Center for Sports Journalism about how women who blog about sports are empowered through blogging and use their sites for feminist activism. It was a pleasure to speak with her about my blog, my boxing, feminism, women’s sports in general and the Women Talk Sports […]

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If He Had One Wish…

The Maker’s One Wish from Lisa Creech Bledsoe on Vimeo. This is the Maker’s answer to the surprise interview question: If you could have ONE THING that your parents say “No” to, what would it be? Although it caught me off guard at the time, I should have known this answer. And it’s just characteristic […]

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