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Boxing Teammates

Fight Night: Battle at the Expo 2

I will never be an MMA fighter. One tiny slip-up that another fighter can take advantage of, and boom, you’re in a arm bar or choke hold or whatever, and you’re tapping out and all those months of training for a fight vanish in a flash, leaving you blinking in the aftermath. Nope, not me. […]

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Photo by jglsongs on Flickr

Boxing Gym Snobbery

Photo by jglsongs on Flickr I recently read a powerfully honest, wry, and accurate description of the undercurrent of boxing gym snobbery at the blog A Girl’s Guide to Violence. “This is an annoying part of boxing, and fighting in general,” the author writes. “The all important question of ‘where’s your gym’ says as much […]

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Back in the Ring

Back in the Ring from Lisa Creech Bledsoe on Vimeo. Exactly six weeks to the day post rib-fracture I had the chance to get back in the ring. I showed up Sunday about 10:40 am to warm up, and worked out hard until noon. By then several of my team members had arrived and there […]

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I'm Learning to Box

I’m Learning to Box

It sounded good at the time, anyway. This summer I decided to shift away from running as my main aerobic exercise since I felt like I was always complaining about how many miles I wasn’t able to do. My right knee has that distinctive Rice Krispies sound that tells me I may have to schedule […]

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