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Lance in Lisa's Dorm

Dorm Room Archaeology: 1984

I uncovered two pictures from my college years, possibly the only two that were ever taken during that period, and boy did they bring back memories. Omg! We had a vaccuum cleaner! I’m pretty sure that belonged to my roomate Lee Ann. She ironed her jeans, for heaven’s sake. So that’s me in my mother’s […]

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The First at about 4 years old

On McDonald’s French Fries

My recent post about Why Your Workout Isn’t Working prompted a funny chain of comments on Facebook, which I totally enjoyed. Most of them related bad food favorites, and McDonald’s was named in the very first comment (Hi, Greg!). Sigh. I love MickeyD’s french fries more than any other fast food french fries. And back […]

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Four Love Poems

I’ve just started Love’s Labour’s Lost (imagine! A Shakespeare comedy with no weddings in it!) and it has put me on a love poetry reading jag. Emily Dickinson got me going with this one (c. 1880), so apropos of LLL: We shall find the Cube of the Rainbow. Of that, there is no doubt. But […]

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