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Apple Hash

Apple Cinnamon Almond Hash

Sometimes when I have an giant bag of ripe green apples, I cut them all up to make what we call an apple hash. I add chopped celery (which doesn’t really show much in the picture, but I add plenty), cinnamon, almond slivers, and dried cranberries, then I pack it all into a container and […]

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Watercress and Kale salad

Kale, Chicken and Bell Pepper Salad

Kale is just gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s probably my second-favorite green to have in salads (spinach is my favorite), and it is loaded with healthy goodness. Lots of dietary fiber and loads of vitamins A, C and K, plus plenty of folate. I bought this lovely green variety of kale from the local Farmer’s Market […]

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Pregnant Tea

I was browsing through my old pregnancy journal and came across this recipe for a tea I made regularly in the summer of 2000, the summer my youngest son was born. In order to obtain the ingredients, I had to drive a couple of hours to a Heritage store, which was a fabulous happy hippy […]

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Eat More Guts

Ever since I was medium-sized I’ve been eating the guts out of my sandwiches and leaving the bread behind. Part of this is because I grew up eating sandwiches made with my mother’s whole-grain, crammed-with-seeds, infinitely varied and interesting homemade bread, and once I was on my own (and emphatically NOT baking all my own […]

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Breakfast of Superheroes

Okay, people. You need to get more protein into your mornings, and ease back on the Lucky Charms. Anyway, you’re wasting money on the Lucky Charms when all you do is eat the marshmallows and leave the oat-y bits. So save those for a dessert and listen up. You work, play, and train hard, so […]

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Five Forbidden Foods

Now and then people ask me what I eat during boxing training. But I don’t have a training diet different from my regular diet. I follow The Zone, which is primarily a way of eating that controls your insulin production. Since that sounds like a complicated answer (and it is, a bit) I often find […]

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