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Barley for Breakfast

Try Barley for Breakfast

Almost every morning I make myself oatmeal for breakfast. But recently I bought whole, organic barley (don’t get “pearled” as it’s processed and you lose nutritional value, more on that in a minute) and came home to experiment. For some reason, the universe believes in dramatically overcooking most foods and everything I looked at told […]

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Breakfast of Superheroes

Okay, people. You need to get more protein into your mornings, and ease back on the Lucky Charms. Anyway, you’re wasting money on the Lucky Charms when all you do is eat the marshmallows and leave the oat-y bits. So save those for a dessert and listen up. You work, play, and train hard, so […]

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Fuel Your Sport

This is a very typical day of fuel for me. I eat oatmeal almost every day; I buy organic rolled oats, the kind you’re supposed to slow cook. However, since I hate goo, I never slow cook them; I just boil a half cup of water, add a half cup of oats, turn down the […]

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