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Best Mom

5 Out of 5 Stars

As if there was ever really any doubt. Nonetheless, I have secured the hardcopy evidence and now I submit it into the loving care of the internets, who will be sure to NEVER FORGET that in fact, I rate. This also illustrates how cool I am to not only be palindromic (!!) but also up-side-down-ic. […]

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Canaan Texting

A Pose for the New Generation

This is how they look, isn’t it? This is the Ubiquitous Suburban Teen Pose. I mean, not all USTs are quite so gorgeous as the ones I particularly have given birth to, but still. This is how they walk from place to place, clean their rooms, dispense reports on their day, and feed the cats. […]

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The Ecstasy & the Agony

I attended my first recital last Sunday. No one explained to me the rules. And by that I mean that it would go on forever and ever, amen. There were 63 kids on the program, mostly piano players, but some saxes, singers, drummers (!) and a small band. The Maker went fifth, and the Husband […]

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Image by gwen on Flickr

Disco Balls and Jesus

I don’t know why we never tried a normal nightlight. Maybe we did, and it wasn’t adequately addressing our boys’ collective fear of the dark combined with a tremendous reluctance to go to bed. But I noticed one Christmas how hypnotic we all found the scattered stars thrown from a mirrored-ball ornament. After Christmas I […]

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And I Passed!

Seven a.m., Sunday morning. A freshly-minted seven-year-old tiptoes into my bedroom and hands me an inflated balloon the size of a basketball, whispering (so as not to wake me), “Mom? Can you tie this for me?” I wish I had a video of this moment. It was a true test of my parenting skillz.

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What They're Dissecting

What They’re Dissecting

Owl pellets. Cool, huh? The Maker did a paper on them (see below, typed in exactly as he wrote it, though I haven’t included the two original illustrations), then they ordered the pellets from — yes — an owl pellet store. Finally they poked them apart with toothpicks on my kitchen table, and I’m SURE […]

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Needed: More Hungry Boys

The Ice loves to cook. This weekend he wanted to make biscuits, a favorite for us. I requested a double batch, since the single barely makes it around the table in our family. The Ice has never made a double batch of anything before, so we talked about careful measurements and keeping track. He waved […]

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