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Christmas mail art

Fibonacci Mail Art

The only thing better than getting mail art is getting Fibonnacci mail art. Well, I’ll allow that quantum mail art of some variety would be wicked cool too: imagine the possiblities for up, down, charm, and strange quark postcards. Or a Heisenberg card: you’d never know for certain both when it had been sent and […]

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How Math Explains the World

This Just Proves I’m a Nerd

I didn’t bring this book home, the Husband did, but it had a really cool cover so I picked it up. And I meandered through the first several chapters because anything that explains my husband’s brain to me is frequently of interest. And after those first few chapters (during which I learned that Pythagoras was […]

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Superman vs. iPod

Albert Fert and Peter Gr├╝nberg independently discovered a physical effect known as giant magnetoresistance, which gave the technology used to read data on hard disks a literal quantum leap toward today’s itty-bitty (technical term) computers like iPods. So yesterday these dudes got the “You just won the Nobel Prize for Physics” call (I always imagine […]

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