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First Day of School

First Day of Public School

All three of our boys have been homeschooled. Two years ago the First decided he wanted to go to public school for his 7th grade year, and he made the transition beautifully. Last year the Ice followed him, and had his first year of middle school. This year the Maker was ready to take his […]

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The Ecstasy & the Agony

I attended my first recital last Sunday. No one explained to me the rules. And by that I mean that it would go on forever and ever, amen. There were 63 kids on the program, mostly piano players, but some saxes, singers, drummers (!) and a small band. The Maker went fifth, and the Husband […]

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Piano Genius or Airplane Pilot?

Seth’s Piano Composition from Lisa Creech Bledsoe on Vimeo. This composition arrived in my lap via paper airplane. So I’m thinking he could go either way, vocationally speaking. *Note: Something is wrong with the encoding settings on this video; I’ll work on it and re-upload. Until then I’m leaving it here so that no one […]

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