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French Breakfast Radishes

French Breakfast Radishes and Haiku

I couldn’t resist these pink and white gems in the grocery. They’re French Breakfast Radishes, which I hear are easy to grow because they tolerate the heat well and stay sweet and tender even in adverse growing situations. They’re easy to find around here, and so full of flavor and crunch that you’ll find yourself […]

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umbrella poem

Umbrella Poem

The Maker is on a roll. Clearly the train theme from earlier in the week is still running, but today he’s responding to the three-day deluge with humor and creativity. Umbrellas keep you dry from the rain Just like if your riding a trian, Umbrellas keep you from the sun, When your having so much […]

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Pink Sunken Bathtubs, Snakes and Chiclets

Some of my first memories are of my grandfather’s “swell sixties” suburban house. In addition to the heated in-ground pool, I remember a fabulous pink-tiled sunken bath in a large room fronted by a glass wall overlooking the pool. My uncles kept a three foot long boa constrictor in a large glass aquarium in that […]

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