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Seth's Poem 2012

The Maker: Where I’m From

This poem made my eyes fill with tears when the Maker read it to me. Maybe because he’s the youngest, maybe because there were so many unexpected insights offered, line after line. I can’t decide whether it’s very twelve (years old) and boy¬†(so much food!), or entirely, surprisingly, out of the boundaries of that sort […]

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Seth Likes Pie

He Likes Pie!

It’s possible this was written as a rap. Whatever it is, I found it folded up and drifting around my kitchen, as I find many odd bits of flotsam and jetsam in this house. I read it out loud, and found myself giggling. I particularly enjoyed the garbeldy-gook at the end. The Maker is ineffable, […]

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French Breakfast Radishes

French Breakfast Radishes and Haiku

I couldn’t resist these pink and white gems in the grocery. They’re French Breakfast Radishes, which I hear are easy to grow because they tolerate the heat well and stay sweet and tender even in adverse growing situations. They’re easy to find around here, and so full of flavor and crunch that you’ll find yourself […]

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Runny Babbit

Bookmarking Schools of Thought

This is my genetic material at work. When I was in college I highlighted about one-third of each of my textbooks, even if they were already highlighted by the generations of students who had the book before me. The Husband, on the other hand, comes from the Minimalist School of Bookmarking/Highlighting. If the book was […]

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umbrella poem

Umbrella Poem

The Maker is on a roll. Clearly the train theme from earlier in the week is still running, but today he’s responding to the three-day deluge with humor and creativity. Umbrellas keep you dry from the rain Just like if your riding a trian, Umbrellas keep you from the sun, When your having so much […]

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One Moment of Glory

I got home at 10:30 pm and my bottom lip was swollen and dark, my shoulders aching just a little. The tide of fear ran high in me again Friday night and I had to put my thoughts on lockdown in order to make it to ringtime. Just one more small step up this ice-covered […]

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Google poetry

I’m sick of the Facebook tagging stuff, I tell you, sick and perishing. Okay, just one more: this time, I’m typing random stuff into Google and letting it forecast what I am about to say. Lisa is cooking your birthday awesome cooking your birthday happy birthday Lisa no longer attending the metuchen congregation of jehovah’s […]

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