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Drawing is Fun

Drawing is Relaksing

The Maker is new to public school, and one of the delightful things he’s discovered is that his teacher has a “Read, Write, or Draw” period every day. The first time she introduced this he made himself a book, of which this is the first page. He’s been a book-maker for years, and loves to […]

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The color is called Green Grind

First Dance

The Ice has just started public school and his first school dance was a week or so ago. In order to get ready, he got his ear pierced, then we had to shop for the perfect shade of green hair dye (Green Grind, by Color Fiend, available at Hot Topic). When I asked him if […]

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woot is the new sweet

The First brought home a math test with a grade of 95 written in red across the top. I knew how hard-won that grade was because he had written “Woot!” next to it. For a long time “Sweet!” was my primary expression of joy. If I had been blogging in 1990, I could show you […]

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Five Ways the First is Cool

Last week the First attended a public school for the first time in his life. He’s in seventh grade. When he came home I asked him what the best thing about his first day was, and he told me he had participated in a game in one of his classes in which each student had […]

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