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Discovering the Curse-O-Meter I was walking barefoot out in the woods and a broken branch took a slice out of the back of my heel, right at the base of my Achilles tendon. It was all fine (bloody, but fine) until I had to put on my shoes and get in the boxing ring. Then […]

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how to save money on groceries

The Husband and I went grocery shopping together earlier this week. That’s a fairly unusual thing, since somebody has to be on parent duty. But we asked the First to look after the others, and tested our homeowner’s and family heath insurance policies to have a mini-date at the corner grocery store. I’m pretty sure […]

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slime is evil: a rant

I like crunchy, sour, and salty. No tapioca. My oatmeal is hot or cold but barely moistened. The best pies (all of which are fruit pies) have no slimy goo between the chunks of fruit. Shoney’s Big Boy strawberry pie — the all time universal worst offender — is anathema. I don’t eat icing or […]

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