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Peace Sign

Runner Redemption

Ready for my confession? I’ve made them before (see here and here), but it must be time for a fresh one. Forgive me, people, for I have sinned. Again. But this story is different, I promise. I went for a run this week and in the course of the first mile alone I found myself […]

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Interior Ass-Kicking

So I’m walking around at Lake Johnston, which has a lovely 5K circuit, getting ready to run. I like running Lake J because it has one mile flat, one mile hilly, and one mile I-may-die hilly. AND a fabulous 100-yard boardwalk across the lake finish. Nothing like hearing your footfalls echoing across that last football […]

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Runner Lisa vs. Bad Lisa

Runner Lisa: It’s a gorgeous morning for a run! Bad Lisa: We haven’t run for over a week. This is gonna hurt. RL: We’ll get back in the swing. BL: I need to pee. RL: You just went! BL: It’s freezing. RL: That’s what this nice jacket is for. BL: What if a neighbor sees […]

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