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Seth's Poem 2012

The Maker: Where I’m From

This poem made my eyes fill with tears when the Maker read it to me. Maybe because he’s the youngest, maybe because there were so many unexpected insights offered, line after line. I can’t decide whether it’s very twelve (years old) and boy¬†(so much food!), or entirely, surprisingly, out of the boundaries of that sort […]

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Creepy Skeleton Guy

Not too long ago this weird little creature started showing up in his freaky poses all over my kitchen. One day he was resting in peace on a carefully folded tissue pallet in the windowsill; another day he and his death-defying grin suddenly appeared on the chair in the study. He has a nice heft […]

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Drawing is Fun

Drawing is Relaksing

The Maker is new to public school, and one of the delightful things he’s discovered is that his teacher has a “Read, Write, or Draw” period every day. The first time she introduced this he made himself a book, of which this is the first page. He’s been a book-maker for years, and loves to […]

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First Day of School

First Day of Public School

All three of our boys have been homeschooled. Two years ago the First decided he wanted to go to public school for his 7th grade year, and he made the transition beautifully. Last year the Ice followed him, and had his first year of middle school. This year the Maker was ready to take his […]

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