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Isaac and Seth at the Roller Derby

Boxing Ring Card Girls

Ring-Card Girls. Three small words. But stand by for big arguments when they’re mentioned in conversation between men and women. Adam Welsh is a British-based Human Resources Manager with a keen interest in many sports, including boxing. You may have seen him commenting here on The Glowing Edge. He recently asked me what I thought […]

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first time

I was in my small-town Target one night this week and found myself in line at the check-out counter behind a young, giggling high-school couple. She had lustrous black hair with silly blond highlights; her nails were carefully airbrushed in blue and purple with sweeping waves of gold glitter and tiny seagulls. He had the […]

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Lincoln’s man purse

The other day I pulled some documents out of my slim, black, laptop-only carrying case and was surprised by the Maker’s delighted exclamation, “Just like Abe Lincoln’s hat!” Rather than look like an utterly unschooled idiot, I kept my peace and googled it as soon as he left the room. It’s true! Abe Lincoln stored […]

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The world has become pornographized

The Porn Myth

This is an incredibly well-written article describing how the world has indeed become pornographized, a situation which has deadened men to real women, “for how can a real womanÂ… possibly compete with a cybervision of perfection, downloadable and extinguishable at will, who comes, so to speak, utterly submissive and tailored to the consumer’s least specification?” […]

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