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Olive at the Feeder

Olive Guards the Birdfeeder

We have a jillion birds that come to our feeder. Downy woodpeckers (lots of those), cardinals, jays, chickadees, warblers, mourning doves, sparrows. A jillion. And Olive is damned and determined she should have one as a pet. And by pet, I mean snacktoy. The problem is, there’s just so much… sleeping that needs to be […]

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from explorers to lumpers

Reading back over the post below I realize that not only are kids often open-minded/mouthed culinary explorers when they are tiny and notoriously picky eaters as they grow up, but there’s another thing. The world is varied and wonderful about the same time they are doing their culinary exploration, but once they get older, all […]

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