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Isaac and Seth at the Roller Derby

Boxing Ring Card Girls

Ring-Card Girls. Three small words. But stand by for big arguments when they’re mentioned in conversation between men and women. Adam Welsh is a British-based Human Resources Manager with a keen interest in many sports, including boxing. You may have seen him commenting here on The Glowing Edge. He recently asked me what I thought […]

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Boxing Newsreel

Power Up, Women

I need to travel over to Athletic Women Blog more regularly, because every time I go I get dosed up with a massive hit of all-out inspiration. Look people, I know this video is a advert for UnderArmor (which I do in fact wear), but the fact is that any commercial that powers me up […]

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Women's MMA

Fighting Burnout

The following post was written by my good friend June Elliot. June and I both train at the same home gym and have watched each other cycle through the inevitable physical and mental ups and downs in our respective sports. June has studied Okinowan karate, taekwondo, hapkido, Wing-Chun, Chin-Na, Mauy Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She’s […]

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women's soccer

Elizabeth Lambert, Part 2

The Elizabeth Lambert story has captured tremendous mainstream attention and generated some good conversation (and some garbage, of course). After posting my own response, reading widely and talking intently about the video, I believe that there are two really helpful questions we should be centering our discussion around: In this hypercompetitive society, what do we […]

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Flight Fight Sports

It’s Google’s fault. I typed in “fight sports” and they asked, in that oh-so-superior voice, “Did you perhaps mean FLIGHT sports, Hon?” No, you morons. I might misspell HervĂ© Villechaize but I’ve GOT this one, thanks. Sheez. Anyway, I posted the error to Facebook, and suddenly a Flight Fight meme was born. Matt, the joker, […]

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Mom and Canaan

Are You A Feminist?

I was recently interviewed by Marie Hardin from Penn State’s Center for Sports Journalism about how women who blog about sports are empowered through blogging and use their sites for feminist activism. It was a pleasure to speak with her about my blog, my boxing, feminism, women’s sports in general and the Women Talk Sports […]

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