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The Robber

In A 10 Year Old’s Head

The Maker is regularly given an hour in school to read, write, draw, or nap. (I know, you miss 5th grade. I do, too.) At some point recently he decided to write a story during his free hour, which I later found folded into quarters, floating around on a kitchen counter. I’m publishing it here […]

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Deer Bully: You’re Going Down

Besides the fact that this story features the triumph of a good deer over a clearly bad one, I like that the entire narrative is a single sentence. I was slightly disappointed that the knuckle sandwich never got delivered, but I also realize the author may have been facing some physiological issues he hadn’t encountered […]

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My Dad's Justin Boots

My Dad’s Justins

These are the boots my dad gave me in the summer of 2005. They were 33 years old when I got them, and I’ve been wearing them now for almost 5 years. They have a few miles on them. Recently I asked my dad to tell me about my Justins, and he told me he […]

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