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Breakfast Time

What Time do Boys Eat Breakfast?

This is a photo of the First (left, still asleep) and his friend Jake, who has just spent the night at our house. Because I am such an incredible mom (and because Jake is one of my all-time favorites), I often cook a big family breakfast on Saturday mornings for all my guys to enjoy. […]

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Superlative Slang Slam

The First: It’s the middle of December and it’s dead warm. Me: It’s mad dead warm. The Husband: It’s mad dead G* warm. Me: It’s mad dead G beast crazy sick warm. (prolonged stunned silence) Me: Go on with my bad self! The First: Don’t ever. Do that again. *for the uninitiated, “G” is short […]

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first time

I was in my small-town Target one night this week and found myself in line at the check-out counter behind a young, giggling high-school couple. She had lustrous black hair with silly blond highlights; her nails were carefully airbrushed in blue and purple with sweeping waves of gold glitter and tiny seagulls. He had the […]

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how to make sloppy joes

by the First, age 12. Prepare:The First: “Hey Mom, you want sloppy joes for dinner?”Mom: “No thanks.”(disappointed silence)Mom: “But you could make them.”The First (underwhelmed): “Oh.” Then:1. Dump frozen turkey into overheated skillet.2. Realize paper frozen to bottom of turkey is now on fire.3. Ask Mom to stop doing flash cards with cranky 7 year […]

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Tween Dress Code

The First informed me that there are precisely six categories of stereotypes proudly (or shamefully) enforced in the tween set these days: 1. Preps, identified by their “dressy” clothes. The rule is that you can dress up periodically without retaining any stigma that might otherwise be associated with this moniker. 2. Geeks, who “just wear […]

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