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Stepz at Project Noize

DJ Stepz

I was only vaguely aware of the rave scene in the late 90’s. I knew it involved secret parties in abandoned or unused warehouse spaces, basements, and condemned buildings. Invitations were spread via word of mouth on the day of the event, and by that evening a crowd converged to rig lights, steal electricity, and […]

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Canaan Texting

A Pose for the New Generation

This is how they look, isn’t it? This is the Ubiquitous Suburban Teen Pose. I mean, not all USTs are quite so gorgeous as the ones I particularly have given birth to, but still. This is how they walk from place to place, clean their rooms, dispense reports on their day, and feed the cats. […]

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Breakfast Time

What Time do Boys Eat Breakfast?

This is a photo of the First (left, still asleep) and his friend Jake, who has just spent the night at our house. Because I am such an incredible mom (and because Jake is one of my all-time favorites), I often cook a big family breakfast on Saturday mornings for all my guys to enjoy. […]

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Coat Pile

Snow Day

It started coming down in earnest about 7 pm on Friday night, and by then the Ice was over his misery at being forbidden to go to a skating party that was due to run until 11 pm in a town 30 miles away. The First, however, had already made good his escape and was […]

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Christmas Eve

The Plugged-In Prayer, with Food

During the Christmas holidays during the year the First was four, our electricity had been out for a good part of the week due to a freak NC snowstorm. Because of the timing, it made a pretty big impact on the First. Shortly after the drama had subsided, we once again made his favorite comfort […]

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The First as Gum

Tis the season, I suppose. Our new girlfriend (er, the First’s girlfriend, technically) gave him this lovely and stylish hoodie for Christmas and I like it a lot. However, he was told at school today that he made people want a stick of gum. I kinda like that, as part of his personal brand. So […]

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Superlative Slang Slam

The First: It’s the middle of December and it’s dead warm. Me: It’s mad dead warm. The Husband: It’s mad dead G* warm. Me: It’s mad dead G beast crazy sick warm. (prolonged stunned silence) Me: Go on with my bad self! The First: Don’t ever. Do that again. *for the uninitiated, “G” is short […]

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