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Fuel Your Sport

This is a very typical day of fuel for me. I eat oatmeal almost every day; I buy organic rolled oats, the kind you’re supposed to slow cook. However, since I hate goo, I never slow cook them; I just boil a half cup of water, add a half cup of oats, turn down the […]

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Five Forbidden Foods

Now and then people ask me what I eat during boxing training. But I don’t have a training diet different from my regular diet. I follow The Zone, which is primarily a way of eating that controls your insulin production. Since that sounds like a complicated answer (and it is, a bit) I often find […]

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rock and roll church

Ok, I actually really dig the church I am a part of. Really. And just to show you why, here are the four best moments from this year’s Easter service, which was held under a giant filled-with-people tent in our parking lot: 1. When getting dressed this morning, I initially put on jeans, but suddenly […]

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In the Zone!

I want to lose five pounds. I know, people in America say this ALL THE TIME, and it’s onerous, I know it is. I have been a pretty average weight all my life, but after I turned forty, things seemed to shift slightly. Anyway, there it is. Five pounds. I’ve never been on a diet […]

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