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How to Succeed in Boxing

Success in boxing isn’t always measured by the number of “W”s on your passbook. It’s something hard-won over time with plenty of blood, sweat, and the right attitude. Take a look at the following 11 keys to success in boxing, and join in the discussion by leaving your ideas and additions in the comments below. […]

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I’ve been offline, trying to catch my breath between wave sets and wipeouts. The turbulence of job shifts (I’m now working from home rather than from an office in another city), training shifts (my trainer moved out of state, my fight is coming up in April), and other big and small events and financial re-arrangements […]

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Basic Boxing Workout

It comes and goes in waves: you get in really good boxing shape and stick there for a while, then you suddenly remember that you have to parent, your job heads toward overtime, you get behind in the universe, and one day you are in the ring wishing you had one of those oxygen canisters […]

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