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Gym Entry

Training in Atlanta

Training for this fight has been rocky, and not the Sly Stallone kind, either. So last week I called the promoter, two-time Strawweight World Champion Terri “The Boss” Moss, for a serious tête-à-tête. I related the details of my bumpy progress, she invited me to drop everything and come down to Atlanta for a week […]

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I’m looking for a fight

I didn’t start out that way, honest. I started out just looking for a way to stay in shape despite a crunchy knee that prevented me doing distance runs. And there was that heavy bag that the Husband carted home for the boys that piqued my interest. But even when I shifted gears from regular […]

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Joy to share

Take a moment out of your day for this guy. It gives me so many smiles to watch him dance his simple (kinda goofy) dance all over the world. I love seeing the interaction he attracts and the impromptu micro-communities he joins or creates. If I saw him, I would totally get out and dance […]

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driving-to-church music

My boys love to DJ in the car. I keep all my playlists on CD’s (since all the iPods in the family have been appropriated by family members other than me) and the boys sift through to request and play their favorites. Maybe it was mostly about the timing, but I couldn’t help but smile […]

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i miss my man

an’ he been gone all week. So I made him a playlist called Get Back To Me. Here it is: Don’t Make Me Wait / LocksleyDo You Want to / Franz FerdinandSugar Magnolia / Grateful DeadYou Only Live Once / The StrokesSugar on My Tongue / Talking HeadsStickshifts and Safetybelts / CakeCome On Home / […]

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what's your crazy thing?

what’s your crazy thing?

It came up while hangin wit my tribe this weekend. What would you love to do? What’s the idea you keep stowed away because you think people will laugh or because you think it’s a little out of the realm of possibility? The Husband: Not own a car.True, he’s a stay-at-home kinda guy. The original […]

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memorable men

My father was the oldest of five brothers. The youngest, Eddie, was my own age. Every year we made the eight-hour trip from the city up into the mountains of Kentucky to visit, and I was once again immersed in the wonderful and utterly foreign culture that was the life of a rural family with […]

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