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Five Ways the First is Cool

Last week the First attended a public school for the first time in his life. He’s in seventh grade. When he came home I asked him what the best thing about his first day was, and he told me he had participated in a game in one of his classes in which each student had […]

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why boys need fathers

Me: Ask me any question about girls and I’ll tell you the answer.The Maker (instantly): Why can’t boys slap girls?Me: Uhhh…The Maker (clarifying): ‘Cause girls can slap girls. And girls can slap boys. But boys can’t slap girls. Boys are only supposed to hit other boys.Me (stumped): Ask your father.The Maker (recovering immediately): Ok, then […]

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where is my flying car?

You know, like the ones in Blade Runner. Those were awesome. The gull-wing thing isn’t really widespread; we have ’em, but you need two (three?) parking spaces for those things before you can get out without nicking your neighbor’s ride. Which you care about if you have one of those cars. My coworker and I […]

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