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gravel lot

Boxing Training. With Chickens.

I can’t decide what makes the chickens squawk and mutter on some days and be perfectly silent on others. For the past couple of months I’ve been doing boxing training in a mostly empty gravel lot (see photo below), located at the edge of a neighborhood of sagging student-housing Victorians. I’m sort of behind an […]

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No Hand King

On a recent early morning drive into downtown, I got to see the No Hand King, one of our city’s most famous people. No Hand King Rodney Hines, who rides his bike — you guessed it, with no hands — during most waking hours, has a new Evel Knievel-style full-face helmet, and was actually using […]

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from the bus

One-Way Ticket

When I was nineteen years old my parents offered to pay $70 for a Greyhound bus ticket so I could come visit them. I would go from Knoxville, TN to Detroit, MI; a trip of about 500 miles that normally might take about 8 hours. By Greyhound it took just under 16 hours, thus negating […]

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