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Olive Lifting Weights

Olive Channelling Henry

Most of the time Olive is just as sweet and empty as a grassy lawn with no trees. Once in a while she channels Henry, who uses the word “douchebag” and ruthlessly shreds anything people call darling. And while I rarely catch Henry being charming, I sometimes see Olive being grouchy, and those are the […]

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Test Yourself

After recently learning my body fat percentage I decided to incorporate heavier weightlifting into my training in order to trade a bit of fat weight for muscle weight. I dreaded it, frankly. For some reason I had decided that I was already lifting heavy enough weights, and in fact I think I had it in […]

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I {heart} skull crushers

Maybe it’s just the name I heart. No, it’s the glow of danger. Who wouldn’t love dropping this offhandedly into a conversation: “Yeah, it was a pretty good workout; got some solid skull crushers in.” Sign me up, baby. I found it in my Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Boxing book as I was […]

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