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Rock Boys

Saturday Aftershock played Connolly’s in Cary, NC, and since it was an early (7 to 11) outdoor show I took all the boys to see their dad’s gig. This is a fairly rare occurrence for them since most of the Husband’s gigs are very late at night in smoky bars and not ideal for the […]

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song of the week

The whole family has been singing this song, called “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes all week. It was featured on my Day Two, Still Hard playlist that I made several months ago (and forgot to blog; now corrected). The video is wonderful, too!

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driving-to-church music

My boys love to DJ in the car. I keep all my playlists on CD’s (since all the iPods in the family have been appropriated by family members other than me) and the boys sift through to request and play their favorites. Maybe it was mostly about the timing, but I couldn’t help but smile […]

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Who’s Bon Jovi?

Me: So who’s your favorite band? The Maker: My favorite band is Dad’s band. Me: Yeah, I like it too. What’s your favorite song right now? The Maker (singing): …on a steel horse I ride Both of us: I’m wanted (wanted) dead or alive. Me: That’s Bon Jovi. The Maker: Dad sings that song. Me: […]

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what they're listening to

what they’re listening to

The Maker: “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds The Ice: “Fergalicious” by FergieThe First: “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance Since they listen to my iPod, they are also getting a healthy dose of 80’s metal. Lately, the tune of choice (put to the First’s recent iPhoto skateboard slideshow) is Breadfan by Metallica. Rock […]

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