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This Year I Will

A 2013 that Doesn’t Suck (at All!)

It’s that time of year. The gym is jam-packed and your Facebook stream is clogged with manic resolution-making fiends. That’s fiends, not friends. Although they’re probably your friends, too, and otherwise normal. I resist the resolution-making frenzy, probably in the same way I unplug from Thanksgiving (“traditionally,” we do a day hike, and eat PB&J […]

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I love to fight

I Love to Fight

You knew this. I knew this. But periodically I’m reminded. Last night I went 4 rounds (at the end of my workout, I must add, because I’m vain. Also a masochist.) with a good friend and freaking awesome sparring partner at my boxing gym. Sinclair is a phenomenal peer coach; he’s forever smiling and goofing […]

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Donate to support Lisa's fight in Atlanta

It Will Be Enough

There are days when you train really hard. You put in so much effort, you sweat and sprint and throw and suck for air. You push yourself through the last rounds, then the ab work and the slow stretches intended to keep your muscles from cramping on the long drive home from the gym. Or […]

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Boxing Woman 1

9 Reasons to Start Boxing After 40

1. Street cred Think about the difference between saying, “Yeah, I play a little basketball,” versus “The stitches don’t bother me. I have another fight next month; you should come.” C’mon, it’s just cool. And when was the last time you had legitimate Cool Points, when you downloaded the Zippo lighter app to your iPhone? […]

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One Moment of Glory

I got home at 10:30 pm and my bottom lip was swollen and dark, my shoulders aching just a little. The tide of fear ran high in me again Friday night and I had to put my thoughts on lockdown in order to make it to ringtime. Just one more small step up this ice-covered […]

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Piano Genius or Airplane Pilot?

Seth’s Piano Composition from Lisa Creech Bledsoe on Vimeo. This composition arrived in my lap via paper airplane. So I’m thinking he could go either way, vocationally speaking. *Note: Something is wrong with the encoding settings on this video; I’ll work on it and re-upload. Until then I’m leaving it here so that no one […]

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Does Boxing Hurt

Does Boxing Hurt?

It’s funny how many people ask me this about boxing. Short answer: yes. If that’s all you need to hear, that’s cool, but it’s one of those simple questions (like “Is there really a Santa Claus?” and “What does Paris Hilton do?”) that perhaps calls for a more complex answer. Lucky you! I’m here to […]

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