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TGE Badass Guide 3

How to Publish Your Badass Book

If your inner demons have ever said to you, “Hey loser, you’re never gonna get your book written, much less published,” my partner-in-writing-badassery Sonja Foust and I are gonna give you some nice sharp rocks to throw in those bastards’ faces. Our newest book, “Vampires and Tantric Sex: How to Publish Your Book Like a […]

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The Robber

In A 10 Year Old’s Head

The Maker is regularly given an hour in school to read, write, draw, or nap. (I know, you miss 5th grade. I do, too.) At some point recently he decided to write a story during his free hour, which I later found folded into quarters, floating around on a kitchen counter. I’m publishing it here […]

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Deer Bully: You’re Going Down

Besides the fact that this story features the triumph of a good deer over a clearly bad one, I like that the entire narrative is a single sentence. I was slightly disappointed that the knuckle sandwich never got delivered, but I also realize the author may have been facing some physiological issues he hadn’t encountered […]

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Drawing is Fun

Drawing is Relaksing

The Maker is new to public school, and one of the delightful things he’s discovered is that his teacher has a “Read, Write, or Draw” period every day. The first time she introduced this he made himself a book, of which this is the first page. He’s been a book-maker for years, and loves to […]

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Fame and Glory

You might think that because The Husband gigs regularly with a rock and roll band that he has as many admiring fans as a forty-something guy with a groupie wife and three raised-on-rock sons could desire. Yesterday we were walking around the block and he began talking about a book he was going to write. […]

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Just Superlative

I happened to pick up a debut novel titled Singularity, penned by the unfortunately-named Bill DeSmedt. The jacket flap copy on this novel had three all-caps headers: A MAVERICK ASTROPHYSICIST (this character “fingered the culprit”) A ROOKIE SECRET AGENT (a woman! and fresh out of secret agent school, where she probably double-majored in w.m.d. and […]

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