The Badass Manifesto

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The Badass Manifesto

You can sleep through the terrifying, life-altering, epic adventure that is bearing down on you right this minute… Or you can cower and fret and worry that you’re not up to the badass life…

OR you can take the third option: You can suck it up, turn your fear into jet fuel, and live like you have a pair.

The best kind of badass is an otherwise ordinary person who, despite overwhelming odds, antes up and gets in the game. No, you may not know what you’re up against, or have the training and the background to take on the job, but you can do it anyway.

Badassery is a state of mind, but above all else, it’s a state of action.

The Badass Manifesto explains in raw detail why the odds are stacked heavily against most people, and it’s my hope that you’ll decide to forcibly rip your name off that list. Forever. You’ll discover the characteristics of a true badass, and get 13 principles that will make you an ass-kicker like no other. I’ll also tell you how I learned to name what I wanted from life, fight for it, and win.

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