the constant battle for supremacy

The Ice: I got the Shonen Jump’s Rurouni Kenshin numbers 15, 16 and 17 today at the library.
The First (sensing opportunity): Hey! I had those on hold; they must have come in for ME.
I: No, I got them; I just finished number 14.
F: No, they are for ME. You only read that other series.
I: Nunh-uh! I’m reading THIS series!
F: Well I’m reading them now.
I: You can’t read them, I got them at the library!
F: Well, they were on hold fore me, not you! So, you’re not reading them.
I: Yes I am.
F: No you’re not.
I: You can’t read all of them at the same time, anyway.
F: Yes I can.
I: How can you read more than one book at a time?
F: Because they’re my books.

Dad: You BOTH can read the books; it’s not necessary to argue about this. You can BOTH read them! Sheesh (not his actual exclamation)!

(Whispered, from the kitchen)

F: They’re my books and you can’t read them!
I: Yes I can.
F: No you can’t!

(repeat from line two above)

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