starry gazey pie

The Legend of Starry Gazey Pie

My last playlist includes three tunes off of The Bees’s album, Starry Gazey Pie. Out of curiosity, I image-googled the album title and found this little legend, along with a picture of these unusual Christmas lights (in the shape of, you guessed it, Starry Gazey Pie) in the English town of Cornwall.

Legend has it that residents of a small town in southwest England were starving because the unusually stormy winter had prevented the fishermen from plying their trade. Two nights before Christmas Tom Bamcock, a local fisherman, braved the storm and through a miracle caught seven different kinds of fish and brought them back to the village. Bamcock became a local hero, and every year he is honored on the 23rd of December, when Starry Gazey Pie — made with seven kinds of fish — is cooked and brought out at midnight for everyone to share.

A little Inn in Cornwall called The Mousehole puts up starry gazey pie Christmas lights and makes and serves the dish.

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