The Maker Loves Bar Graphs

The Maker is in Love

With bar graphs. What could be more fun?

Before Halloween, we had a family candy bowl, the contents of which I told him was mainly for his two brothers, who don’t trick or treat (house rule: no trick-or-treating after age 10). So the Maker carefully separated all the candy into equivalent piles for each brother and made them a handy chart to indicate which candy they could eat, with a box to check off when each candy-eating task was complete.

His brothers were Not. Pleased.

But I liked it, and I encouraged him to chart everything, anything; whatever suited his fancy. And he did. The picture above is one I snapped with my iPhone after he created a chart for his school snack (which he loves to put together each day).

They’re currently everywhere in my house, these bar charts.

Just wait til he learns about pie graphs, oooo.

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  1. Jess November 6, 2009 at 11:14 am #

    This is so awesome. I can hardly wait until the day that Joey can plot some data with grace…

    Have you ever seen this Tumblr?

    Obviously the first one on there right now is a bit mature, but they’re usually a PG kind of fun 🙂

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