the M&M test

Tonight I asked the Maker, “If you had three green M&M’s and two brown ones, which color would you eat first, a green or a brown?”

“Green,” he assured me, with no hesitation at all.

“To even up the numbers?” I asked, and he nodded. I’ve done it myself, once or twice.

The Ice weighed in. “I’d eat a brown one, and save the greens for last since they’re the prettiest.” Ah, a man after my own heart. Why do they even put brown ones in the bag, I often wonder. I guess it’s to make us appreciate the bright colors more.

I glanced at the Husband; I can tell he’s waiting to enlighten us all. “You’re from The School Of Even Numbers, aren’t you?” I say, knowing it’s absolutely true.

“I founded that school,” he says, poking the table with his finger for emphasis. Then he pauses and shrugs. “But now I just eat them straight from the bag. I don’t even look at the colors.”

We all stared at him, horrified.

I guess I’ve made certain assumptions about the way the world operates that just aren’t accurate. Even if eating M&M’s without looking at the colors and evaluating the order of consumption were possible, I can’t imagine someone doing it.

I’ll try to debrief the kids later, when he’s not around.

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