Pancake scheduling system

The Pancake Scheduling System

Last Saturday morning I rocked the house with my (only slightly singed or gooey, take your pick) made-from-scratch (um, I mixed the milk and raspberries into the Bisquick) pancakes. The boys are not particularly snooty about their pancakes, thus I was hailed by all as the undisputed (and uncontested — no one ELSE wants to cook) Queen of the Morning. I reveled in it. In fact, I so enjoyed the fame and glory that I bought more fresh raspberries and plan to do a repeat performance tomorrow.

So today I was scheduling a work-related Saturday phone call, and when asked to pick a convenient time for the call, I simply blurted out, “Let me call you after pancakes.”

And I liked the sound of that, I did! And I decided that I should endeavor to do all future scheduling in such a way as to create envy and excitement in everyone I encounter. Imagine the possibilities:

1. Sure, I could meet right after ice cream.
2. I’m available for the conference call before I make my bid for the summit.
3. Let’s connect pre rock concert. Or we could do it mid art tour.
4. Perhaps we should do that post-nap.
5. I’m thinking my schedule should clear out just before chocolate.
6. We’ll catch up between 5k and hot tub.
7. Intermission works for me.
8. Maybe after pinot noir?

You get the idea. Go and do likewise.

Image credit: Jonathan Beard on Flickr

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