Slice of Life: The Perfect Saturday

For the first time in over a decade I have some Saturdays off. It’s astonishing how wonderful they are, assuming you have no intention of grocery shopping or cleaning bathrooms. Here’s what my fabulous Saturday looked like:

1. Sleep late
2. Join the Ice in the kitchen where he’s making a double batch of biscuits. Cook the whole package of bacon at once by using three skillets at once (how very extravagant!)
3. Enjoy a sit-down breakfast with four-fifths of the family (the First sleeps even later, now that he’s practically a teenager)
4. Get back in bed.
5. Watch movie trailers on the internet with all three boys and two cats, who have joined me on my bed: The Bee Movie (all four trailers), Enchanted, Fred Claus, Step Up 2, Dragon Wars, 27 Dresses, The Golden Compass, I’m Not There (the Bob Dylan film), Moondance Alexander, The Final Season
6. Surf lolcats.
7. Get up, shower, wear my favorite shirt (Death Cab for Cutie) and jeans. Also Doc Martens.
8. Lounge around lookin fine
9. Blog
10. Read other blogs
11. Fix Husband’s website
12. Make tomato sandwich for lunch. Eat leftover bacon. Drink Diet Dr. Pepper with maraschino cherries out of a wine glass.
13. Pet / annoy cats
14. Go thorough boys’ Halloween candy. Eat Take 5 bar and Almond Joy.
15. Eat pizza for dinner
16. Seuss-a-Palooza! Read to boys: The Sneetches, The Zax, The Pale Green Pants, Too Many Daves (a personal favorite, I used to have it memorized), Horton Hears a Who
17. Go to be early
18. Read string theory, quantum physics

Ahh, perfection. I honestly can’t see any room for improvement.

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