three words from God (each)

My first two words from God emerged gradually against the backdrop of my life about two years ago. It wasn’t a voice, or a billboard, or a dream. It wasn’t anything freaky — just a slow persistent pulse which I one day realized had been in the background for months, but now was clear.

Be still.

Those were the two words. And I knew they were from God, for me, as certainly as I know my own name. Be still.

I have been thinking about those two words for two years now. I have them on a post-it in my office, but they have been silently written on my heart by a power much greater than mine. So I ponder them. And I try to tune out some of the noise, some of the busy-ness, some of the running in circles so that I can appreciate the music of those two words. Because honestly, the two words have profound meaning for me that I think will take me a lifetime to discover, and they make a sort of rhythm, a sort of soothing rocking feel. I love those two words in my life. Does that sound nuts? Maybe it is.

And you’ll laugh because shortly after I got my two words, the Husband got three. Yeah, from God, but different delivery. He’s much more still than I am, so he actually got to hear his. In the middle of the night, standing all alone on the edge of Jordan Lake, watching a meteor shower.

You are blessed.

Those were his three words. Cool, huh? I wasn’t jealous that I only got two and he got three. Because the words are fabulous. They are True with a capital T. They have the brilliance of meteors in a black sky, reflected in the lake, while our three boys sleep the sleep of happy children in the tent nearby. And mom’s at home Being Still…

About four or five months ago I got another word from God. I’m embarrassed about this one. It doesn’t sound holy or poetic or anything. I’m almost too embarrassed to write about it. Again, it emerged from the background in the same persistent way of Be Still.


That was it. I don’t think it sounds very impressive, do you? I know what it’s about of course — it’s the whole Be Still thing again, only a different angle. It’s about savoring every part of my life, enjoying it to the fullest. Not bolting and gulping it all down like a mannerless child. But surely there are prettier ways to say it? Still, a word from God is a word from God, and it’s mine for certain.

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