Sledgehammer-Tire Exercise

Training Hell, Training Heaven

Last night our trainer rolled out a new circuit for the boxing team, one which we all relished and despised. It was one of those kinds of nights where you are working so hard that the sweat is rolling off you, you can barely breathe, and you wonder periodically how bad you are going to hurt the next day because you sure hurt now. It was awesome and we ate it up. There’s something wrong with us.

I know where the coach got these ideas. I went over to her Facebook page and found this video of MMA champion Cris Cyborg Santos training, and I watched it about ten times. It’s incredibly compelling and damned if our trainer didn’t have us running some of the exact same drills.

Here were our stations, all out on the loading dock behind the gym in the August heat:

1. Sledgehammer: We had our choice of the “light” or “heavy” sledgehammer. Hah. We whaled the crap out of our giant tractor tire. But it’s still there, gloating and undefeated.
2. Incline push-ups: Off the splintery edge of the loading dock. We considered this the “restful” station.
3. Stairs: The cement set leading up the loading dock. The second most “restful” station.
4. Slam Ball: A ball of solid, heavy rubber attached to a thick rope. You stand with your back to the wall and slam it up against the cinderblocks on one side, then the other. Looks like this:

MMA Conditioning for KO Power Doing Rope Ball Exercises

5. Rings. These are two independent rings hung from a metal bar to a height just a foot or so off the ground. You balance yourself in a push-up position and hold. And hold. You try to get your breath back from the slam ball. Your muscles shake, but you hold.
6. Harness: This one is yet to come. You can see Cyborg doing it in the video, and our trainer said she has one on order, lucky us!

We did each station hard for 30 seconds, and on the whistle hustled to the next station and began again. I lost track of the number of circuits we did, but since they were interspersed with wind sprints (I HATE wind sprints) inside the gym I had my choice of throwing up outdoors or in a nice clean restroom. Thankfully I had not eaten anything prior to team training.

The best moment of the evening was after our SOLID HOUR of circuits (okay, a little bit of that was a warm-up) was finished, we gloved up for four all-out rounds on the heavy bags.

Thought.  I.  Would.  Die.

But I didn’t. I did it all and said “Thanks, Coach,” because it was the best, worst, kickin’-est training I could possibly have received, and besides I WANT biceps (triceps, lats, etc.) like Cyborg’s.

Hell, yeah.

Image credit: WilsonB on Flickr.

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3 Responses to Training Hell, Training Heaven

  1. Sine Botchen August 21, 2009 at 5:28 pm #

    One the local high schools had its football players using the tractor tires.. they were having to flip it over and over like a coin all the way down the field. It didn’t look like much fun, but I bet it beats doing endless push ups though.

  2. Lisa Creech Bledsoe August 22, 2009 at 12:20 pm #

    I’ve seen that tire flipping thing, and Cyborg does it in the video (blazingly fast), but I haven’t done it (hope my coach isn’t listening). I’m wondering what muscles it hits — arms & shoulders, certes. I’m thinking quads, big time. Bet you’d be good at it, with your intense bike mileage quads.

  3. Michelle dunn August 31, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    Awesome video. Great workout, want to try it.

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