Turkey leftovers

See You Later, Turkey.

Now you see it… and later — when you’re not mad tired of it — you’ll see it again.

That’s okay, sometimes you have to take that leftover turkey and make it work for a couple of months from now.

Easiest way? Bag it up into single servings and freeze it. Stuffing too (that’s mine on the left; it was delicious)! Then, the night before you want to eat it, take one bag out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge. Take it to work with you, along with a good salad or some other veggie delights, and lunch is served.

Remember, the best way to know what an appropriate-sized serving of protein looks like is to look at your hand. You want a serving of turkey (or whatever your protein source) about the size and thickness of your palm.

And make those stuffing servings much smaller; that’s mostly bread and fats in there, and it falls into the delicious and wonderful “periodic treats” category, rather than the “stuff yourself and fall into a coma” category.

Other ideas? Post comments below and share the triptophan.

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  1. Mel December 2, 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    I freeze the turkey in 1/2 lb bag portions and use it for turkey and noodles, etc. the rest of the winter.

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