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Ultimate Fighting: Female Boxing

I watched it, but I have no idea who this DVD was made for. You might think it was me: boxing + women, with sort of and “underground” feel — potentially cool, right? I dunno.

Apparently, a bunch of crazy women with no fight training signed as many waivers as it took to get in a boxing ring to fight a total stranger, sometimes with headgear, sometimes without. Most of the fights had one basic rule, which was that in order to concede, you had to take a knee. Only one woman in the very first fight chose to do that. The rest barreled on, relentlessly headed to a knockout, a win, or a loss. The best that could be said of all of them is that they survived relatively intact.

The overwhelming theme is exhaustion. These women did not come straight from a gym; they had only the most casual level of fitness. After about 30 seconds (often less) in a ring, what energy they had was used up, and the next ten minutes became an intense, enervated personal battleground to finish the fight.

The second pair of fighters were friends who decided to do this as a lark (!!) together. It started out fine, but after one of the women took several solid hits to the head (neither of them wore headgear, and they certainly didn’t know how to keep their guard up) it began to look painful. The one hurting the worst had to stop and throw up, and her friend could hardly watch. They finished the round and came out for the next. They slugged, they clinched, they shoved ineffectively at each other. They gasped for air and were urged to finish what they’d started by the ref and the DJ (who called out equal levels of encouragement and taunts over his house mix).

The whole thing had a curious effect on me: it made me feel stronger (i.e., I would have no problems in a street brawl with any of these women) but far more than that, I wanted every single one of these women to learn some very basic boxing or fighting skills. I really, really, painfully wanted them to get to a gym, stat.

What motivated these women to sign up for this? How did they feel after it was over? What did they gain (or lose)? Are they glad they did it, or will they hope no one ever sees the video and mentions it to them? If you’ve seen it and have insight, I’d love to hear.

*Note: You can now see the entire thing on YouTube; be warned that it’s filled with profanity and the “hosts” are the absolute slimiest creatures on earth.

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2 Responses to Ultimate Fighting: Female Boxing

  1. Junie November 17, 2009 at 6:00 pm #

    I’m glad you got around to blogging on the DVD. I knew it would boost your confidence.

  2. Jeffrey B. December 31, 2011 at 6:16 pm #

    I represent Lady M’s Amazons.. a fledgling group.. with big dreams. Films as this is a great work for supporting women as contenders!

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