Victorian Doll (with Kitten Friends) Boxing Workout

You ought to be able to tippy-tap through this simple little workout while still wearing your hat, pinafore, tights, and mary janes. While playing with your little kitten friends. It fits tidily within a lunch hour, including your shower and change. It’s utterly brainless because it’s all three’s.

1. Three rounds (3 minutes each) jump rope.

Sprint the last 30 seconds of each round. Skip through the 1 minute rest period between rounds. By the way, if you “skip rope” like that chick in the photo you will do a nice solid face plant in .03 seconds. Try to get the rope to go under your feet, not up between them.

2. Three rounds (3 minutes each) shadowboxing.

Throw hard, snappy punches. Keep your head moving. You should throw at least 60-75 punches in each round. First round jab only. Second round jabs and rights. Third round freestyle. Pivot, roll, move. Cover the ring. If you don’t have a ring, mark one out with jump ropes. Keep your imaginary opponent on the outside edge. Dominate the center. Rest during the 1 minute recovery periods.

3. Three rounds (3 minutes each) on speed bag.

Make sure the center of the bag is at eye level, and don’t hit the bag above the center line. Rest during the 1 minute recovery period between rounds. Your shoulders will scream if you aren’t used to this one. Let ’em scream. You’ll be glad later, in the ring, when your jab is connecting with their face rather than sagging down ineffectively (which also leaves you exposed).

4. Three rounds (3 minutes each) on heavy bag.

This is where you push it. Throw 75-100 punches in each round. Every punch should smack the bag with that distinct popping sound. Keep moving around the bag, and time your punches to hit the bag while it’s swinging toward you. Dig your shoulder into the bag now and then and shove it off you. You should be slinging some sweat by now; your wittle kitten friends will desert you if they haven’t already.

Hie thee to the shower, mate. Clean, fresh tights are in order.

Image credit: Walkadog on Flickr

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