what he could be wearing

I just happened to see the music video for The Killers big hit “Mr. Brightside” today while on the treadmill at the gym. I gotta say, Brandon Flowers is hot in that get up. I totally wanted to find the tie and vest for the Husband to wear for… I don’t know, for whenever I wear my chandelier shoes. It completely satisfies the theater major in me, and I’m not just jonesing for a man in eyeliner. This outfit is kind of a mash-up of Michael Corleone or Jude Law (if you click thru, see slide 4) and a Vegas casino bellhop, which not coincidentally, Brandon Flowers dropped out of college to be.

And that chick! Like Marie Antoinette channeling Magenta! I loved it.

Sadly, Google has suppressed the embed code on YouTube, so I can’t show you the whole, Rocky Horror meets Good Charlotte piece (thus you’re stuck with the screenshot). But link on over. You’ll love it.

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