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What Time do Boys Eat Breakfast?

This is a photo of the First (left, still asleep) and his friend Jake, who has just spent the night at our house.

Because I am such an incredible mom (and because Jake is one of my all-time favorites), I often cook a big family breakfast on Saturday mornings for all my guys to enjoy. Pancakes, fresh fruit from the roadside stand, bacon or sausage, the works. I generally count on my three early birds at breakfast time, then the First and his friends much, much, much later.

Here’s how the conversation went this time:

Me (upon seeing the First finally descending the stairs for the first time at 1 pm): The dead do walk! I thought you would never get out of bed. I made breakfast for you!

The First (all grouchy): I know. The smell of bacon woke me up at like, 9 am.

Me (cheerfully): Sorry!

The First: Is there anything left?

Me: Now you know I always make enough and save some for you. I wouldn’t let your brothers eat your breakfast! Although they did want to dig into it around lunchtime. But I threatened to give them a taste of my left hook and they showed me the respect I naturally command.

The First: (grunts)

I made him hold the clock up so I could prove just how late he has his breakfast. As you can see he was quite cheerful about it, morning person that he is.

He can’t fool me, though. I happen to know for a fact that he loves it when I make him a big breakfast, ’cause he eats every last bit. And he thinks I’m the greatest mom ever in the history of greatest moms. And he’s right.

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2 Responses to What Time do Boys Eat Breakfast?

  1. Sine Botchen July 12, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    You know he’s secretly enjoying the attention.. the bigger question is: what time did they go to bed?

    At the beach this summer Nancy declared victory on the day I actually slept until 11:30am.. On the other hand, I thought it was totally amazing I stayed up with her & kids until 3am the nite before. I rarely do either.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe July 13, 2010 at 9:18 am #

      You’re right about the bigger question, of course. But finding out what time they went to bed is like asking a fisherman to tell you about his latest expedition; you never know exactly how much embellishment you’ll get, for the sake of the story.

      Good on ya for staying up late (hanging with the young people) and subsequently sleeping in at the beach. Ocean waves and air are a major soporific for me; I rarely stay up late when I’m there.

      Unless there’s a band (and dancing) of course.

      Good to hear from you as always, SB.

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