what’s your crazy thing?

It came up while hangin wit my tribe this weekend. What would you love to do? What’s the idea you keep stowed away because you think people will laugh or because you think it’s a little out of the realm of possibility?

The Husband: Not own a car.
True, he’s a stay-at-home kinda guy. The original homie. (Heh.) Couple that with a desire to save the earth and an absolute adoration of public transportation of every variety and you have a man on a mission. His dream may never become a reality, since he’s married to a raving Scion xB fanatic. (I want an underbody light kit in purple for mine.)

Jenn: Do a bike tour of Italy.
A stay-at-home mom, my girlfriend Jenn just decided one day to get in shape and by golly she did. She signed up for a spinning class and hasn’t looked back. When we were walking the five city blocks uphill from the pub where we danced like maniacs until 1 am, I was droopy as an old dishrag and she was smiling and humming and trying not to laugh at the pathetic picture I made. She rocks. She rides. Giro come il vento, donna!

Fred: Take the fam on a 6 month tour of the USA.
Or maybe he said a year. The father of a three-year-old and an infant, he may just be insane, or he may go that way during the trip. Although he did say he thought they should be a bit older first. Actually, I think it’s kind of retro-cool. Didn’t families do this in the 50’s? The whole Route 66 thing?

Me: Winter over at the south pole.
Like, be a real Polie, not just one of the zillions who flit down to spend a week ostensibly researching while actually sucking down cargoloads of alcoholic beverages and racking up street cred for later. I get excited just thinking about the design challenges of the new Admunsen-Scott station. I have a whole string of ideas like these: hike the AT, climb the 14’s in CO, blah blah blah. Hey, I did three homebirths, I’m obviously unbalanced.

JD: Tour with a band.
This is a man who just can’t get enough of the rock and roll life. His band gigs twice a month or more in the area, but the thought of big buses, roadies, and fame-n-glory calls him. Eyeliner? Sure, if it will get him on the tour.

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