where is my flying car?

You know, like the ones in Blade Runner. Those were awesome. The gull-wing thing isn’t really widespread; we have ’em, but you need two (three?) parking spaces for those things before you can get out without nicking your neighbor’s ride. Which you care about if you have one of those cars.

My coworker and I would like to ask some more questions of all those who created sci-fi films with depictions of our twenty-first century world.

Where is my teleporter?
Like the ones in Star Trek (which I’m told are actually coming in the twenty-SECOND century, but shouldn’t we be seeing the prototypes?). I personally would like to request the farcaster singularities like they had in Dan Simmon’s Hyperion, without the neurological hijacking.

Where is my cryogenic sleepchamber?
We also need the space travel, or else why the need for a sleep chamber?

I want terraforming (Aliens had one, sorta).
Then I’d be willing to take advantage of the cryogenic sleep chamber and space travel, so that I can hang at a pleasure planet.

We are going to need hyposprays (Star Trek).
To keep from freaking out when we see Jupiter hanging in the sky above us.

Please: no poorly-designed silvery mini-skirts and halter tops.
Hello, Logan’s Run?

And thank goodness we don’t have to plug our internet connection directly into our heads (Neuromancer). Ick, bioviruses.

Notice that nobody is asking “Where’s my soylent green??”

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