Women Boxers from Gleason’s Create Art for Show

I just read Meredith Deliso’s article on about 15 women from Gleason’s gym in New York who worked together to create mosaics which will be sold at an art show to benefit a Brooklyn-based community group, Girls for Gender Equity.

What’s totally cool about this article is that there are at least 15 female boxers at Gleason’s. Sometimes I think there are only about ten women boxers on the entire planet. I know that’s totally out of whack, but since you only get one or two on any given boxing gym team and there’s almost never any women on local cards around here it’s exciting to be reminded that there are many more of us, even if we aren’t easily connected. Part of me wants to send a little handwritten note to every one of those women at Gleason’s saying “Hi! I love boxing too!” Hell, I may do it.

Another awesome thing is that the event was covered at all. When I woke up on the morning after world-title holder Christy Martin’s last fight I had to dig hard and deep to find ANY reports on the outcome. Finally I found an article from the local Syracuse paper, where the fight was held. If this had been Oscar de la Hoya, or Manny Pacquiao, or any number of top male boxers the results would have been all over the place. I could have Googled it and had my pick of reports. Sigh.

And of course, I think it’s just a mad cool idea. Fist bumps go to Grace Baley, the Gleason’s boxer who opened her studio and invited the women in to create the artworks. All of you rock. And kudos to Meredith Deliso (I’m not sure yet, but I think this is her Twitter account) for writing it up and getting it posted: you made my whole week.

Image credit: L.Marie on Flickr

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