Olympics 2012

Women’s Olympic Boxing to Face Cuts

The London 2012 Olympics is a benchmark year for boxing since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) opened the way for women’s boxing to be included for the first time. However, women’s Olympic¬† boxing may already be facing cuts as the British Amateur Boxing Association (BABA) works to organize the program despite shortfalls in budget funding.

The Olympic Games are typically funded by the hosting country, using a variety of means, both public and private. In the case of the 2012 Games, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games is the private sector company responsible for staging and hosting (some of their money comes from the IOC as well as ticket and merchandise sales), and the Olympic Delivery Authority is the public body handling venues and infrastructure.

BABA chairman Derek Mapp said that they were expecting a budget funding of ¬£1.8 million for the women’s program, but that they had received only ¬£950,000. “This will mean a cut in either the women’s or men’s programme,” stated Mapp.

Already the men’s program includes 250 slots in ten weight classes (and ten Olympic gold medals), where the women’s program has only 36 slots in three weight classes (and three Olympic gold medals).

This is a chance for BABA to pave the way toward justice; my hope is that the cuts will be made in such a way as to move the women’s program forward toward some equality with the men’s.

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