woot is the new sweet

The First brought home a math test with a grade of 95 written in red across the top. I knew how hard-won that grade was because he had written “Woot!” next to it. For a long time “Sweet!” was my primary expression of joy. If I had been blogging in 1990, I could show you that I’ve been using this word since then, but if I had been blogging in 1990 you would would have seen a viler vocabulary as well, since at the time I was working as a wait slave in a high-dollar restaurant while attending grad school, a double potty-mouth whammy. Suffice it to say that I was using “sweet” well before you see it posted in UrbanDictionary.com, yet I am obviously behind the times. I may still put two spaces at the end of every sentence I type, but even I know (now) that woot is the new sweet.

Let the new millennium begin! Oh, wait…

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