year yeah

I love the way the internet is always telling me “If you like x, you’ll LOVE y!” Because the internet’s (Amazon, Yahoo, iTunes, etc.) algorithms KNOW me. I’m essentially a collection of predictable ones and zeros; there’s really no need to actually meet me in person. So here’s my first playlist of the year, partly (hey! I’m still a human you know) aggregated from utterly mathmatical and perfectly on target internet suggestions.

  1. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song / The Flaming Lips
  2. There She Goes / Babyshambles
  3. Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind / Badly Drawn Boy
  4. Fluorescent Adolescent / Arctic Monkeys
  5. Let It Happen / Jimmy Eat World
  6. Vagabond / Wolfmother
  7. My Name Is Jonas / Weezer
  8. Little Bombs / Dashboard Confessional
  9. Connect the Dots / The Spill Canvas
  10. Message from the Birds / The Bees (U.S.)
  11. Chocolate / Snow Patrol
  12. Thick As Thieves / Dashboard Confessional
  13. You Don’t Know What Love Is / The White Stripes
  14. Keeper / Yellowcard
  15. I Turn My Camera On / Spoon


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